Singles from Angels Bend Closer 

are getting airplay!

hear these singles on Jane’s new YOUTUBE PAGE 
and see the 'lyric' videos.
(done to the RADIO EDITS!)


release date: MAY 8th

listen to singles here!
(different than the originals)
release date: FEB 8th  

ANYTIME (original)
release date: FEB 22nd 

LIVING STATUE (duet with kd lang) (RADIO EDIT)
release date: APR 26th

Angels Bend Closer overall is a 

tremendously rewarding, enchanting

and uplifting listen. It re-establishes Siberry as one of
the great singers and songwriters of our lifetime.”

Keith Creighton, PopDose  |  read more...  


“... this album will give you plenty 
of left-turns to ponder...

There’s a lulling, oddly comforting sophistication to 
Siberry’s work. It is clear immediately why she is a 
cult-hero and revered figure up north. 
She possesses a poetic magnetism and nobility.”

Allan Raible, ABC News  |  read more...  


Jane Siberry & k.d. lang Team Up Again 
for ‘Living Statue

Exclusive Premiere on Billboard

Gary Graff, Billboard  | 




NPR Music, All Songs Considered
Best Music of 2016

“I always find [Jane Siberry’s] music to be so
comforting, to kind of carry me through my 
moments of anxiety and doubt.”  

Ann Powers, NPR Music  | 




Angels Bend Closer is  

Centerline’s Top 10 album for 2016 

... conversational lyrics that thoroughly
explore self and affirm intimacy on every level.

 Jim Bessman, Centerline News |



“Siberry’s lyrics arrive like emotional gushes
barely contained by their musical frames,
mostly lavish ballads with a bounty of details.”

Associated Press  |