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who is jane siberry?

Since her first recording in 1981, Siberry has become celebrated for forging her own path in music. Over three decades she has created one of the most original and admired bodies of work in contemporary music, ranging from the pop of ‘Mimi On The Beach’, to the mystical 21-minute epic ‘Oh My My’ about addiction, to the beloved ‘Calling All Angels’ that she performed with kd lang in 1993 when she was on Reprise Records. To see her past works, please visit the store which has good descriptions of each.

and NOW

Jane has finally finished her long-awaited recording ULYSSES'S PURSE
From what we can tell so far, it is a creeper, a sleeper, a slow-revealing keeper.

It has been released quietly and happily to listeners, sometimes arriving the same day, sometimes stopping at a local watering hole for a hob-nob with other recordings, most likely talking about us listeners.


latest Siberry music: ULYSSES' PURSE

UP is moving slowly and surely out into the world. Jane sincerely appreciates and is grateful for the respect of listeners who have encouraged her with words of resonance and waited patiently for the recording to be finished. You are the oxygen for the musical flame. This year will be a slow release guided by the greater hand - who knows what adventures are ahead. xo js



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  • Aug 12
    CANADA Earfalls, Ontario,  EAR FALLS
  • Sep 9
    IRELAND, DUBLIN Whelans, 
  • Sep 18