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Toronto people: watch for an exciting announcement tomorrow 











1  |  N E W S   O F   T H E   F U T U R E 

More people are buying identical socks 
to avoid morning stress.



2  |   R A D I O   A I R P L A Y    

Jane will be interviewed for the syndicated 
internet radio show True Fidelity 
with host Darrell Fortune.  

Thursday, Feb. 24, 6 to 8 p.m. (PST)
Live on the web at NWCZRADIO.com 


U.S. radio stations are playing
Angels Bend Closer’!  Huge thanks to: 

ASHLAND, OR Jefferson Public Radio @KSMF 
which has ‘ABC’ in medium rotation!
DESMOINES, IA KFMG 98.9 FM - Des Moines which 
is spinning ‘Anytime’ and ‘Walk On Water’ 5-6 x a week!
BELLEVUE, WA 91.3 KBCS for adding ABC.

Call your favorite stations and 
make a request! 



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3  |  F A C E B O O K    G R O U P    P A G E S




Need ideas? Make use of a wonderful list of creative minds on this page. Creativity if free, fun, energizing, makes your skin look great, chases away the blues, raises your vibration for seeing more clearly. What to name your dog? Name a company? How to have more mindful ceremony in life? How to deal with a negative energy transaction? Hosting a full moon party? 

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Go from wondering if you could DO it to DOING IT! Jane has created a super-simple 'first salon' template. Join in to do the challenge or to simply observe and learn!  Register your city and salon date at the link below. Successful salonists get a thank you of reservation at Jane's first webinar series later this year.

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4  |  Q U O T A B L E   L I S T E N E R S 

Stunning, brilliant, heartwarming, affirming, wonderful. 
Thank You!—JS 


Dearest Jane – thank you for perspectives, and your enlightening, uplifting sweetness. I am just loving your latest work, well done and I am so grateful for you. Love xoxox —BL


Jane is more than a singer songwriter… she is a class apart… 
looking for the right word… ‘magical’ barely covers it—DF

If you don't have the album these listeners 
are talking about, you can get it here





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5  |  Q U O T A B L E     J A N E

  “and as you turned back to say goodbye, a flash went up your spine, tiny flames licked your mother’s calves”
— from ‘dante’



6 |   L E T T E R    F R O M   J A N E


thinking about salons: 

i don’t know if i’d still be performing if my concert world hadn’t broken open to doing salons in people’s living rooms.
normally there is a gatekeeper – a promoter who takes a risk to bring a lesser-known artist they respect to their city or country. Often they DO lose money. so the artist thinks perhaps they'll never play elsewhere in the world, etc.
so after a particularly frustrating night where i arrived at a bar in montreal with no posters saying i was playing that night, where i vaccuumed the stage, cleaned the poor piano, changed in a dirty bathroom stall, did my makeup at the bar by the light of my laptop, taught his daughter how to play ‘spider’ on the piano, chased some teens down the street to tell them the bar-manager who wouldn’t let them in out of the cold to just eat their pizza slice while i was doing my sound check – to tell them that their trust that people would be sensible was BANG ON – that there were many people who are common sensible –  and to not to close their foreheads yet, that they were so beautiful – after telling the owner i didn’t want his money – after walking outside after the show into the snowy night, being recognized and asked when might i be playing montreal? sigh -
SO i sent out a 2 sentence email that night.  
do you miss me? invite me to your living room.’ 
shortly thereafter, i had a 72-date salon tour booked for new zealand, australia, UK, france, norway, finland, sweden. 
i am buoyed along by the YES energy of so many adventurous people. 
without exception, all salons have been done with high-level graciousness 
and i get to see the world from communities rather than hotels and airports.
i am hoping to do a tour in the autumn in the UK, walking from town to town with my pal, gwyllym. 
UK is filled with paths through grottos, farms, cliffs, hedges, moors, dales. I'll send work out when i'm ready to see proposals.
hoping you’re all staying up and positive,
walking the path that is beautifully yours.


7 |   P H O T A B L E    J A N E  


two photos from when i was in new zealand.

TOP OF PAGE: photo and host: Robert Catto, Wellington, NZ
the concert took place at Truby King House in Wellington, which was part of the Karitane Hospital for young mothers founded by Dr. King in the 1920s. Having suffered from tuberculosis as a child himself, he dedicated much of his career to improving mother & infant health and nutrition. we did four interesting nights with local opening guests: 

BELOW: a farm somewhere in NZ
the llamas would gather at the barn window right behind me on stage,
listening and munching in the dark.  




wishing you all the best, Cat

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